Bad habits affect married life

Bad habits affect married life. Many people think that just living together sincerely is enough. But, in reality, there are things that don’t break a marriage. But it is a factor that increases the conflict between you and your partner. Please know how to regulate and harmonize these habits to avoid affecting your married life.

Complaining often

Complaining can make you less stressed. But on the contrary, it creates stress for other people, especially your husband/wife. The whole day at work is exhausting, when meeting each other again listening to the other party’s stories, blaming, complaining will make the family atmosphere lose its joy. If you have a problem, solve it thoroughly. Don’t narrate a long story day in and day out. You should spend that time doing more fun things.

Too controlling for the other half

From constantly asking the other person to go to what time to come back. When it comes to frequent phone calls and text messages, it will make your spouse feel tired. After marriage, each person needs their own space and family of friends. You should not control them. Instead, they can analyze for them to understand the possible consequences if they go out too late, have many friends of the opposite sex… Respect in marriage is essential. Instead of controlling them like breathing air, make them voluntarily return home with the most comfortable and happy mentality.

Less talk to share with each other

Maintaining daily conversation is extremely important, helping both of you to be closer, more understanding and more understanding. However, nowadays, with the development of technology, everyone is focused on the phone or TV screen even during family meals. Or the father is watching TV, the mother is holding the computer, the children are playing with the phone, tablet… And there is no sharing from family members. Excessive use of digital technology will make it difficult for us to understand each other. And express direct caring gestures.

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Bad habits affect married life

Less interested in each other

After marriage, from domestic and foreign affairs to work and children, most of the couple’s time is occupied. So each person tends to pay less and less attention to the other. This habit will gradually make both passive and the marriage will be boring. Many people think that getting married will not be the same as when they first fell in love. However, you learn to “flirt” with each other. Or sometimes creating surprises, romance is an easy way to renew feelings to make the marriage stronger.

Excessive curiosity

Many people think that being a husband and wife has nothing to hide. Give yourself permission to peek into your “other half’s” phone or check your partner’s account, Facebook messages, or email. However, in case of need, remember to check carefully. Because if the “other half” knows, they will find a way to hide or not trust you anymore. In fact, phone/Facebook or email are all private in nature. And the other party probably doesn’t want you to stare at them all day.

No financial disclosure

After marriage, it is common for a couple to open up about their finances. And share all difficulties with each other because both will share the same rights and responsibilities when getting married. If the other party knows that you have set up a “private fund”, they will feel uncomfortable. Because I don’t know what you will use it for. Most wives will take care of their husbands to set up a black fund for other women. And the husbands are afraid of their wives setting up a fund to give money to their grandparents. Setting up a “separate fund” is often a manifestation of a lack of trust in each other. You should only do it when standing on the threshold of divorce. You need to be financially prepared for your life.

Author: Vivian

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