Great things when you have a daughter

Great things when you have a daughter. Your best friends can’t go with you to get your nails done and hair done? Don’t worry, invite your daughter. Children will enjoy participating in these activities with their mother.

Regardless of gender, each child is special and brings so much happiness. Every child deserves to be loved, cherished and cared for. And as a mother, what will you think of when you find out you have a daughter? Pink with pretty dresses, mane? That’s not all. Here are experiences that mothers with daughters enjoy

Shopping for children’s clothes and accessories

Women all love to shop and are more eager to choose clothes for their pretty girls. Dresses, leggings, tops and accessories with bows, hairpins, shoes, bracelets… are almost never enough. You will need to try not to fall in love with cute little princess items, or you don’t want to go into a budget deficit.

Some baby girls are born with beautiful soft hair. Some babies go “bald” until the age of 3. Some children have special curly and ruffled hair. Regardless of the princess’s hair, mothers are always interested and want to be creative with this “human corner” of their baby. Sometimes, just attaching a mane is enough for the baby.

How will you feel when you see your little daughter in matching clothes? Try it once and feel the excitement when mother and daughter wear identical clothes, skirts or simply the same color. Take advantage of it before your baby has his own opinion and refuses to wear it as you want.

Have a powerful assistant

Your daughter may want to help you sweep the house, dust, rinse the dishes when mom washes, picks up vegetables, arranges dishes, etc. Maybe she is clumsy and can’t really help her mother, but how happy you will be when look at the little princess to help her.

Play sports, get dirty

Not all girls are girly, like to play gently. Not every mother wants her daughter to be gentle. But that’s the beauty of having a daughter. The girls can also play sports, run and jump, get dirty, watch football, play with cars. It’s interesting to see that scene, isn’t it?

When you first hold your baby in your arms, you immediately fall in love with him and want the best for him. You want your child to be happy. You want your child to be successful. You want your child to be healthy and always enjoy the joys of life. But you also know your child will go through trials, have sad days, and suffer feelings. So you just want to keep your baby in your arms for as long as you can. And you realize your mother has the same feelings for you.

Seeing children naturally show their motherly instincts

Little girls love dolls. Your heart will melt when you see your child sitting in a corner, singing a lullaby to a sleeping doll and cuddling and cuddling the doll like you do with your baby.

You can dress your baby like a boy

Few boys can wear girls’ clothes. But girls can comfortably wear shirts, jeans, felt hats, sports shoes… to look like their fathers! And just add a bow on your baby’s hair and she will still look feminine and cute.

You will love your daughter’s father more

Children change your marriage – that’s right. And you can feel how clearly your love for your husband is when you see him as a father. Fathers often love their daughters. It is a special bond. How do you feel when you hear your daughter call “Daddy” and run to hug her father’s neck, dance while standing on his toes or when your husband tickles your daughter to giggle? Girls will also be the only opposite sex you allow your husband to hug.

You will always understand me

You were once a girl too, so you understand her feelings. You used to have to deal with mean girlfriends. You used to feel uncomfortable under the influence of hormonal changes. You also have trouble with male friends at times. You will be able to understand and share with your child the problems he may have, more than anyone else. Girls will trust and love you. They can also call you when they need to make a dish. They will text or email you when they have bad luck. I will ask you for help when I need it… Because you have been in the situation I will meet and you love me more than anyone.

Girls will make you a better person

a girl who makes you always want to do good. You suddenly want to help others because you want your child to learn to give. You suddenly want to make your child laugh because you want him to be happy. You don’t want to criticize your self-image because you want your child to love their body. You want to spend more time in the kitchen because you want your child to learn how to cook. You want to put down your phone, turn off your computer, and slow down your life because you realize your baby will grow up and leave your arms at some point.

Daughter will grow up to be mom’s best friend

This is what you will realize with time, and you are also the one who cultivates a special relationship with this special “friend”.

Author: Vivian

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