The extremely famous roads divide oceans

The extremely famous roads divide oceans. The roads that bisect the ocean are extremely famous. Have you ever heard of the extremely famous roads dividing the ocean in the world? Let’s discover together with BxVlog right away.

The road between Jindo and Modo islands of Korea

Korea’s most famous ocean bisecting road. It is the road connecting Jindo and Modo islands. Around March and June every year, when the tide is low, locals and tourists can easily travel between the two islands. You can even see the beautiful vast ocean view thanks to the 3km long road. Although it only appeared for 1 hour, it attracted a large number of visitors.

Road between the mainland and the French island of Mont Saint-Michel

To reach the French island of Mont Saint-Michel, visitors are forced to go through a road about 1 km long. Previously, at high tide, this place looked as ancient as a lonely fortress in the middle of the sea. But now there is a cement road for cars and pedestrians to replace the previous dirt road. However with 15m difference at high tide and low tide. The water overflowed on the way to turn Mont Saint-Michel into a fairy island in the middle of the ocean.

The Path to the British Isle of Cramond

Britain’s Cramond Island is where the best view of the road in the middle of the ocean can be seen. This island is about 1km from the mainland and is connected to the mainland by a straight road. But at high tide, this road completely disappears. Visitors can see interesting sight. The stone pillars blocking the waves are lined up in rows on the road that has just sunk into the water.

Seaway in Ko Nang Yuan of Thailand

Ko Nang Yuan is a small island located northwest of Ko Tao, Thailand. This is an island with a very special structure because it is a collection of 3 large rock blocks. And connected by a stretch of white sand. However, every day, when the tide is high, the sand line completely disappears, making this place look like 3 separate islands.

Road to Charles Island of America

The road to the US Charles Island is famous as one of the most beautiful sea roads on the planet. This place is also known for the legend of the witch’s curse or the hidden treasure. At low tide, the road paved with sand and gravel gradually emerges from the water, creating an unforgettable sight.

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